Refund Policy:  keeps up a restricted Refund Policy. We won’t be mindful whether you win, lose or get excluded in at any rate as it would be your choice to purchase Votes. We will basically convey you the submitted amount on bundle requested. We don’t get share in the prizes won by our clients, comparably we won’t be answerable for sharing any misfortune caused to our clients. Discount is covered under this conditions: in the event that we don’t convey measure of votes we submit, at that point you might be qualified to get proportionate discount for the measure of votes not done on your connection. However, in the event that it’s your choice that you don’t require remaining votes from your request or your challenge finished effectively then you can utilize remaining votes in some other challenge in future. Discount isn’t covered under this conditions:

1. The request was finished by us.

2. The request was finished by us yet you lost the challenge or got excluded.

3. The request was finished by us yet the votes got eliminated by the challenge manager.

4. In the event that the democratic finishes rashly.

5. in the event that the challenge connect stops.


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